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iTrail GPS Passive Data Logger Tracker Review

The iTrail is our newest passive GPS tracker. A passive tracker is great for when you want to find out where the vehicle is going, but don’t need to know where it is at any given moment. You can simply place the tracker on a vehicle, pick it back up after the vehicle has been in use, and hook it up to your computer so you can findout where it’s been.

The unit is small, at an inch and a half on each side (the smallest I’ve ever seen). It uses motion activation to conserve the built-in rechargeable battery and can store up to 120 hours of vehicle data. There is only one button on the unit and 2 lights to indicate the battery life and activity signal.

Using the tracker was pretty straightforward; run the software, charge up the unit, put it on the vehicle, and then connect it to your computer and see where the tracker went using Google Earth or Google Maps. You can generate full reports complete with latitude and longitude as well as addresses and idle times.

The iTrail is a simple tracker to use and it has a great battery life considering how small it is. The unit can easily be placed in a vehicle or can even be carried in a pocket and not be noticeable. If monthly fees and live tracking aren’t your thing, I’d highly recommend an iTrail.

Give any of our sales people a call or email if you have any questions. Also, feel free to visit our forums at the following link if you have any questions you would like to ask.


Allen at SCS3

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